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Soundsfair is the latest music festival produced by Java Festival Production, who have been organising festivals like the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Java Rockin’ Land and Java Soulnation since their inception. Different tastes could be seen in this current festival, because it was the first all-indoor art and music festival in Indonesia.

For Soundsfair, handled 3 clients at once: Garuda Indonesia, Guinness and Indofood.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia was the main sponsor of the event, and worked together with to utilise our technology for social media activation and database collecting. Participants first had to register using their social media accounts to take pictures at the social photobooth, and receive a photo printout. Those who registered would also be emailed a special discount code to buy Garuda Indonesia flight tickets.


As part of their booth experience, was tapped by Guinness to provide branded social media photobooths at both Guinness booth locations. Every participant who registered with their social media accounts and took photos at the photobooth, received an exclusive Guinness RFID wristband, and could hang out at the Guinness lounge set up at one of the booths.


Indofood engaged to execute several activities and applications to run at some or all their retail booths:

  1. To take a picture at the photobooth, you only needed to register your social media account. The photobooth did not use RFID, but used the user’s email as identification – a user had to input their email address first before taking a photo. Photo print was optional
  2. LCD screens were placed at 4 Indofood retail booths, displaying Indofood product TVCs and a live tweet timeline filtered by a hashtag.

From all activities above, was able to provide the collected customer database and insights, activity tracking and social media impressions.

PhotoBoothGaruda1 PhotoBoothGaruda2 PhotoBoothGaruda3 PhotoBoothGuinness1 PhotoBoothGuinness2 PhotoBoothGuinness3 RegistrasiGaruda1 RegistrasiGaruda2 RegistrasiGaruda3 RegistrasiGuinness1 RegistrasiGuinness2