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How It Works

Set Up Your Event

Create an account at and set up your event. Select the features you want – registration modules, photo booths, check-in gates, and so on, according to your activity plan. Make sure you test it to make sure it provides the output you want, before deploying.

Connect Your Integrations

Make sure you have reliable computers and internet to run through a modern browser, and connect your hardware to your computers. You can use RFID readers, barcode readers, webcams, or other hardware, depending on the features you want to deploy. Check with us if you need help with the hardware and procurement.

Deploy And Measure!

Once you’re happy with the feature setup on and have made sure the hardware integrations work properly, deploy and measure the results! The Dashboard will provide all the information you need about customer interactions with your event. Find out not only how many people have registered, but gain insights from targeted questions and demographics.