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To create an engaging yet relevant customer experience for MLD Spot’s activities at Java Jazz Festival 2015, Arcade Indonesia created ‘MLD Spot The Beat’, kind of like karaoke, but you have to press the button with the right word in time with the lyrics, as the song plays. was tapped to develop the software and manage the deployment.

Those who wanted to play the game needed to register first, inputting their name, email, gender, birthday and phone number (we don’t spam, promise!). At the game booth, you just needed to login using your phone number, and you can play straight away! Getting high scores will win you some nice merchandise from MLD Spot, and the highest scorers per day get tickets to the Special Show each day!

Over the 3-day event, we had around 1,200 players visit the booth, playing an average of 2 games/songs per person. The majority of the players were between 21-30 years old, with an almost even split between male and female.