Select Page was honored to be appointed as the Audience Experience Partner for last week’s Microsoft Campfire event at *Scape Orchard, Singapore, organized by e27. The system was used for online preregistration for those who wanted to participate in the 2-day event, after which the preregistered attendants could just come to the registration desk at the event, confirm their identity, and get their RFID wristband.
The event had many interesting keynote speakers discussing various subjects, from utilizing the cloud, developing a mobile app to the design concepts behind Metro, Window’s new visual vernacular. The event also featured the Singapore selections for Imagine Cup, and also the Echelon 2012 Singapore Satellite event. Since there were so many events going on during two days, the event was divided into 3 rooms, and each had a check-in station, activated by tapping the RFID wristband.

Other than the keynotes, Imagine Cup and Echelon 2012 Satellite sessions, there was also a photobooth, and a few games where people had to check-in with their RFID wristbands before they could play. Since the prize was among others a Nokia Lumia 800 phone, it turned out to be one of the most-visited area :D.