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Mandiri Karnaval Nusantara was first held in March 2013, and for the second time around, they expanded the entertainment to last the whole day – not to mention the food. The event starts early in the morning with the 5K-10K Mandiri Run, where afterwards the run participants can enjoy the food offered by the food vendors at the venue, and enjoy music performances from Raisa to JKT48. To pay for food, you had to use your Mandiri e-Money card or wristband, which could also be used at the photo booths provided. Since the Mandiri e-Money cards and wristbands use the same RFID technology as does, it was easy to integrate the experience into the event. Users only needed to activate their social media accounts near the photo booths, after which they could snap away to their heart’s content.

We have some pictures from both events: