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Honda Biker’s Day is a gathering of motorcycle lovers to Anyer, a coastal city to the west of Jakarta. Motorcycle clubs from Java and Sumatra ¬†rode in convoys from their home town, wherever it may be, to enjoy a night of brotherhood among bikers. Registration for the event was opened online one month before the event, and all participants had to input their data for the event’s records. Aside from the usual name and email, they were also asked to input type and make of motorcycle, what club they belonged to, down to their blood type. Registration yielded 14,000 people who wanted to participate.

On the event day, re-registration points were set up at several checkpoints approaching the event venue at Anyer, where riders needed to report and activate their special RFID wristbands. If you had already registered, you could just report your name and an RFID wristband would be activated on the spot for you, but if you had not registered, you could register and activate your RFID wristband on the spot. From the re-registration, we measured that around 7,000 people showed up for the event – 50% from the original online registration number.

And what were the RFID wristbands for? Taking pictures at the social media photobooth, of course!